Short notice cancellation/changes policy.

We know life gets busy, and sometimes situations can arise where you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment that you have with us.

Your appointment time has been reserved for you and we ask that you consider and value the time we have set aside for your appointment. We ask that you give us a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. This gives us the time to reach out to other patients that may need to be seen sooner.

A missed appointment with us is:

a) an appointment that you do not show up for or

b) an appointment that you provide less than 48 hours notice to either cancel or reschedule

c) an appointment where you arrive more than 15 minutes late.

A fee of $100 will be charged for every 30 minutes of lost time.

We understand that occasionally, emergencies can happen and if you do need to cancel within the 48 hour window we will do our best to accommodate this, however, for repeat short notice cancellations a fee will apply.

As a courtesy, we do our best to help you remember your appointment’s date and time by sending you reminders in the form of emails, texts and friendly phone calls. This way, if you have forgotten you had an appointment and need to reschedule, you can let us know in time. This helps you to avoid the penalty fee and we can fill any missed appointments with patients on our short notice lists.