Feel free to smile with confidence again with a natural-looking bridge.

A procelain bridge or ceramic bridge will replace missing teeth, improve your apperance, increase your confidence and make it easier to eat the foods you love.

Porcelain bridges:

A porcelain bridge is a great option if the neighbouring teeth are heavily filled. The bridge will give these teeth the same strength and benefits of other crowned teeth while also filling the space you currently have. Similar to crowns, these can be created in a number of materials including porcelain fused to metal, all ceramic and zirconia.

Composite bridges:

Composite bridges provide a cheaper alternative to porcelain bridges. These are best suited to anterior and pre-molar teeth and are generally placed for cosmetic reasons rather than function. Composite bridges are created while you are in the dental chair and the procedure is similar to having a filling done but usually requires considerably less drilling! These are reinforced using resin bonded fibers and composite (also known as white filling material). Contact us today to find out if a composite bridge is right for you!

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