Frequently referred to as 'caps', crowns provide a protective covering that not only restores and improves a tooth's appearance but strengthens it.

Permanently fixed in place, a crown is an excellent long term solution for heavily filled, root canal treated teeth or teeth that are weak or broken.

All of our crowns are made in New Zealand on the North Shore of Auckland to reduce emissions and to support local businesses. We will work together with you and the lab to ensure the best material is used for your individual needs. For a natural look, tooth coloured porcelain crowns can blend in with your smile and improve the colour, shade and overall appearance of a tooth.

If you are sick of constantly repairing and replacing old fillings, crowning heavily filled teeth is a great long term and low maintenance option.

Crown material options offered within this practice include emax and zirconia (all porcelain crowns) and full gold crowns.

dental crowns


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