I originally kind of fell in to Dentistry. When I was younger I had a few problems with my teeth which allowed me to form a good relationship with my Dentist at the time. After leaving school and doing what most young adults do (Which is go overseas for a while and then return) I had a long chat with my Dentist who suggested I consider becoming a hygienist. After observing his hygienist in action and then questioning him to death I decided to jump in to the Dental world. I have now been working as a hygienist for about a decade and I have been with Flash for over 2 years. 

What one thing would you take would you take with you to a deserted island?

The internet/an internet accessible solar powered device. I would then be able to find out how to build what I needed, stay connected & entertained.

 If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?

Tough one to choose on this question. Out of all the superpowers to choose from it's hard to nail down just one. I mean, flying, being like the flash, healing like Wolverine, telepathy, controlling metal etc. But after thinking about it, I would go with time travel. It would be interesting to see how things were in the past and how things will be in the future. Maybe, the possibility to be able to change a few things could be an advantage. I would love to be able to see flying cars just like in Back To The Future.


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